When speaking during a radio transmission, you should:

When completing a radio transmission you should?

When completing a radio​ transmission, you​ should: repeat your location and ETA. One of the EMTs at the station has been cited by the medical director for his​ sloppy, incomplete, and sometimes inaccurate patient care documentation.

When you press the button on the radio to talk you should wait at least how long before speaking to avoid cutting off the first words of your transmission?

5. Hold the transmit button down for at least a second before beginning your message to insure that the first part of your message is not cut off. 6. TALK ACROSS THE FACE OF YOUR MICROPHONE.

What are all the types of communication an EMT is likely to employ on a typical call?

An EMT is likely to employ​ verbal, nonverbal, and written communication on a typical call in speaking to various people​ (verbal), using nonverbal communication such as posture in interpersonal​ communications, and documenting what happened on the call​ (written).

When communicating over the radio what should you do?

When communicating information over the radio, you should: respond professionally by saying “please” and “thank you.” use the words “affirmative” and “negative” instead of “yes” or “no.” limit any single transmission to 60 seconds or less and use 10 codes.

Which of the following is an example of an open ended question?

7 examples of open-ended questions vs closed-ended questionsClosed-ended question exampleOpen-ended question exampleWould you consider using our product/service again?What would make you use our product/service again?Did you like our product/service?What is the most important feature of our product/service for you?

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Which of the following is the term for the unit of measurement of the output power of a radio?

The output power of a radio is measures in watts.

What is another term for providing false assurances to your patient?

Providing false assurance is another term for lying. Never lie to your patient.

How often should the batteries in portable radios be changed?

every 12 to 18 months

What is a mobile transmitter receiver?

In the emergency prehospital care communications​ system, a mobile​ transmitter/receiver: A. is a device that receives transmissions and rebroadcasts them at a higher power.

When communicating with the visually impaired you should?

Communicating effectively

  1. Identify yourself – don’t assume the person will recognise you by your voice.
  2. Speak naturally and clearly. …
  3. Continue to use body language. …
  4. Use everyday language. …
  5. Name the person when introducing yourself or when directing conversation to them in a group situation.
  6. Never channel conversation through a third person.

When obtaining patient care orders from a physician via a two way radio it is most important to remember that?

When obtaining patient care orders from a physician via a two-way radio, it is MOST important to remember that: his or her instructions are based on the information you provide.

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