What radio station is the lightning game on

What radio channel is the Lightning game on?

970 WFLA

How can I listen to the Lightning game?

To listen to live Tampa Bay Lightning hockey games on the radio tune into WFLA 970 in Tampa.1 мая 2018 г.

Who are the Tampa Bay Lightning radio announcers?

Current on-air staff. The Lightning radio broadcasts are on WFLA; the play-by-play announcer is Dave Mishkin, known for his energetic style and his tendency to shriek when the Lightning score. Phil Esposito is the color commentator for home games. Matthew Sammon is the pregame and intermission host.

How do you create a radio button in lightning component?

Set type=”button” to create a component that inherits styling from Radio Button Group in the Lightning Design System. This example creates a radio group with two options and option1 is selected by default. The name radioButtonGroup is assigned so that only one button can be selected.

How do you show radio buttons horizontally in lightning?

Display Radio Buttons Group In Horizontal View Lightning Component – lightning:radioGroup. Currently in lightning component there is no direct way to display a lightning:radiobuttongroup horizontally. However, we have style class named slds-form-element__control and slds-radio which can perform this.

How do you display a checkbox in lightning component?

Custom checkboxes are created by applying the . slds-checkbox class to a <label> element. To remain accessible to all user agents, place <input> with type=”checkbox” inside the <label> element. The <input> is then visually hidden, and the styling is placed on a span with the .

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