What is squelch on radio

How does squelch work on a radio?

In telecommunications, squelch is a circuit function that acts to suppress the audio (or video) output of a receiver in the absence of a sufficiently strong desired input signal. Squelch is widely used in two-way radios to suppress the annoying sound of channel noise when the radio is not receiving a transmission.

Should squelch be high or low?

Ideally, the squelch level should be set just above the background radio noise level or at the point where the desired signal is becoming too noisy to be acceptable. Higher settings of squelch level require higher received signal strength to unmute the receiver.

What is a radio tone?

In telecommunications, Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System or CTCSS is one type of circuit that is used to reduce the annoyance of listening to other users on a shared two-way radio communications channel. … It is sometimes referred to as tone squelch. It does this by adding a low frequency audio tone to the voice.

What does break squelch mean?

It’s more formally known as carrier squelch. … It sets a threshold below which it will silence your receiver suppressing noisy channels. For that reason it’s also sometimes called noise squelch.

How do I scan with squelch?

The squelch quiets the background radio noise when there is no signal present. Simply turn the squelch until the noise goes away. The background noise must be eliminated so the scanner will scan through the channels you have programmed in.

What is RF gain?

Noise interferes with signals and it comes from the atmosphere, other nearby channels that overlap slightly, and environmental surroundings. To counteract noise, RF gain acts as a sensitivity filter. It reduces noise in the receiver without reducing reception power as a CB radio squelch does.

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What does Ctcss mean?

Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System

What is a Ctcss DCS code?

CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) uses continuous tones below 300 Hz whereas DCS (Digital-Coded System) uses digital data or encoded-words which are very unique and all encoded words can be used on the same channel without interference.

What is SQL radio?

SQL Server Radio is a Podcast for SQL Server DBAs, database developers, architects, system administrators, and anyone else who is interested in the Microsoft SQL Server platform and the Microsoft data platform in general.

What is DTCS code?

DTC’s, or Diagnostic Trouble Codes, are used by automobile manufacturers to diagnose problems related to the vehicle. … The first number in the DTC indicates whether the code is an SAE generic code (applies to all OBD-II systems) or is specific to the vehicle manufacturer.

What is the difference between tone and tone squelch?

In the case of my Yaesu ham radios, “tone” is used when you want to transmit a CTCSS tone in order to access a repeater. “Tone squelch” is used to transmit a CTCSS tone, as well as have the tone also used on the receive (repeater output) frequency as well.

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