Sirius radio cost

Can you negotiate with Sirius XM?

You can negotiate the price of your satellite radio service. You are not the only person that isn’t willing to spend $15 a month on the service. And guess what, SiriusXM would rather have you pay something per month than nothing.

Can you get Sirius radio for free?

SiriusXM. For free. Yep. Get every channel available on your radio, including every premium channel, plus stream online and on the app.

How much does it cost to advertise on Sirius radio?

Typically, SiriusXM radio is one of the lowest advertising rate based on CPM it will charge advertisers $5.00 per thousand ad impression. Media kit price investment starts at a minimum of $10,000 per weekly spend.

What is a good price for SiriusXM?

Sirius Standard Pricing: $5 / Month

SiriusXM has a few plans but the basic one for your car is $5 per month for 12 months (new subscriptions only). The three tiers are: SiriusXM Select: $5 / month for 12 months for 140+ channels, then goes to $15.99 / month.

Does SiriusXM offer senior discounts?

No, Sirius XM does not offer senior discounts.

Why is Sirius XM so expensive?

The technology of the radios and the costs of the satellites drive up the prices we pay for the subscriptions and the radio costs. Getting commercial free radio means that sirius radio can not make any ad revenue to offset some of the cos so all the costs are put onto the subscriber.

Is there a difference between Sirius and XM?

Without getting too technical, there are 3 platforms (Sirius, XM and SiriusXM). Radios labeled as Sirius radios can only receive Sirius packages. XM radios can only receive XM packages. … Click here to see which type of radio you have in your vehicle.

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Can I use my Sirius subscription in two cars?

If your other vehicle doesn’t already have a SiriusXM radio installed, you can simply purchase another radio. … We offer a portable option as well as Dock & Play radios that easily move from car-to-car and car-to-home.

Why are there ads on Sirius?

The entertainment, sports and talk channels have commercials. Music channels don’t have advertising unless they are the few Clear Channel ones. … so they introduced ads. at that time they were also losing subscribers to xm.

How much does it cost to advertise on the Howard Stern show?

Advertising on Howard requires a budget of at least $20,000 to be effective, more if advertisers want a live read, one of which could take up half of this budget. Pricing does not vary depending on the time of day. Pricing only varies by live or non-live show and the type of ad product.

How do I advertise on Sirius XM Radio?

For more information, contact our Advertising Sales department at [email protected]

  1. Contact Us.
  2. Phone: Mike Connolly. SVP, Advertising Sales. 212-584-5195.
  3. Email: [email protected] Please include your contact information, including your phone number.

How do I get the best deal on Sirius?

Here are a few easy steps to help you get satellite radio for a fraction of the regular price.

  1. Know The Options. Currently, there are three subscription tiers for SiriusXM: …
  2. Pay For A Full Year In Advance. …
  3. Ask For A Deal. …
  4. Prepare To Walk Away. …
  5. Online Advantage. …
  6. Remove Your Credit Card Information.

Is it easy to cancel SiriusXM?

It’s a quick and easy switch when you call Customer Care at 1-888-539-7474. … Unfortunately, pre-packaged automotive subscriptions and Lifetime automotive subscriptions are nontransferable unless your radio is stolen or defective.

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