Satellite radio antenna inside car

Will a Sirius antenna work through glass?

I think it’s “allowable” per the XM/Sirius guidelines but NOT optimal by any means. Glass attenuation shouldn’t be too much of a problem on most vehicles, HOWEVER: 1) Sightlines behind the car will be negatively impacted. The roof of the car will block line of sight to satellites if the vehicle is driving northbound.

Can you put Sirius antenna inside car?

For satellite radio, you’ll need to make sure the SiriusXM antenna supplied with your radio is mounted outside with a clear view to… SiriusXM Radio for Your Leased Car It doesn’t matter whether you buy or lease.

How do I know if my car is equipped with satellite radio?

Many used and certified pre-owned vehicles come equipped to receive satellite radio. To see if your ride is ready to receive SiriusXM, just enter your VIN here. Or, see our Vehicle Availability page for model/year availability.

Does satellite radio need an antenna?

In order to receive satellite radio, you need a special antenna. … This is why you don’t need a special HD radio antenna to listen to HD radio stations, but you do need a special satellite radio antenna for your satellite radio receiver to work.

What direction do I point my Sirius antenna?

Sirius and XM Radios

The satellites that transmit the XM signal are in a geostationary orbit over the equator. Aim your XM antenna due south as noted in the graphic below. Make sure you position your antenna so you have a clear view of the sky.

Is Sirius XM antenna waterproof?

Yes, a 50 foot antenna for outdoor use can be purchased (part# XMEXT50)…but beware…it’s not really “waterproof”. … The outdoor antenna connects with RG-6 coaxial cabling which is not included. You can pick this up though at most electronics stores. To order the outdoor antenna, you can also visit

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Can I add satellite radio to my car?

Yes. SiriusXM is available in most new and many pre-owned vehicles. If you are already a subscriber, log into the Online Account Center, click the blue Add Subscription button, then click I have a radio I want to add to my account. …

Where do you put GPS antenna in car?

In most cases, you can mount the GPS antenna near the top of the underside of your dash (behind or above the receiver). Satellite signals are so strong and reliable these days that this should be sufficient to maintain reliable reception. It also serves to keep the antenna out of sight.

Can SiriusXM track your car?

Yes, if you have an active SiriusXM Guardian or Uconnect Access subscription. First contact the police to report your stolen vehicle and obtain a case number. Then call the corresponding number below and request Stolen Vehicle Assistance.

How do I activate SiriusXM in my car?

  1. Call 866-635-8634.
  2. At the prompt, speak your Radio ID (also called an ESN or SID)
  3. Say “Yes” to confirm that you are ready to receive your activation signal now.
  4. Listen to the instructions for receiving your activation signal. If you have any further questions, say “Listener Care” to speak to an agent.

How much is Sirius XM per month?

Sirius Standard Pricing: $5 / Month

SiriusXM has a few plans but the basic one for your car is $5 per month for 12 months (new subscriptions only). The three tiers are: SiriusXM Select: $5 / month for 12 months for 140+ channels, then goes to $15.99 / month.

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Is satellite radio the same as Sirius?


There are three different kinds of radios, each with different technology: Sirius radios, XM radios and SiriusXM radios. Radios labeled as Sirius radios can only receive Sirius packages, XM radios can only receive XM packages, and SiriusXM radios can only receive SiriusXM packages.

What does a satellite antenna do?

A satellite dish is a dish-shaped type of parabolic antenna designed to receive or transmit information by radio waves to or from a communication satellite. The term most commonly means a dish used by consumers to receive direct-broadcast satellite television from a direct broadcast satellite in geostationary orbit.

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