How to submit music to radio stations

How do I submit my music to SABC radio station?


  1. Submit your track digitally to: [email protected] – preferably an MP3 not bigger than 5MB. …
  2. Personally submit or courier two CDs to the Station’s music library.
  3. The Library registers the CDs in their system.
  4. The Library forward CDs to the Music Committee.

Can you request any song to radio?

Requesting a Song Through the Internet. Research a radio station. Some radio stations will only allow you to request a song through the internet. … Most radio stations have a website and pages for a show on that station.

Do radio stations pay for songs?

Radio royalties payouts system works by first having the radio station purchase a blanket license from the local performance rights organization(s). … As we’ve mentioned earlier, in most markets, both songwriters and recording artists are typically paid royalties any time their music is played on the radio.

How do I submit music to CBC radio?

You can submit electronically directly to the Music Library with the following:

  1. Attached digital file (WAV format preferred) or downloadable links with album art, and liner notes that list artist, composer and production credits.
  2. Artist biography and/or media kit with contact information.

How do I submit music to gagasi FM?

Submit Your Music

  4. EMAIL*
  7. UPLOAD YOUR SUBMISSION* The file must be in MP3 format and smaller than 8MB (320kbps) in filesize. Radio edits only (no explicit lyrics) Songs longer than 4 min will not be considered. Only ONE submission will be considered. …
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How do I submit music to Phalaphala FM?


  1. Drop your track off at: Phalaphala Reception,Khoroni street,Department of Water Affairs ,Thohoyandou and SABC polokwane ,19 hospital Street polokwane.
  2. Post your track to: Phalaphala FM, Po Box 395 Polokwane , 0699.

How can I get my music on the radio for free?

To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations. You’ll then need to promote your song to them using a combination of press releases or one-sheets, phone calls, and faxes.

How can I get my songs heard?

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  1. Promote your email list. …
  2. Send your music to a radio station. …
  3. Reach out to a music blog for a review. …
  4. Post on social media. …
  5. Comment on something that interest you. …
  6. Write a blog post. …
  7. Reach out to a playlist curator. …
  8. Look at your analytics.

Who decides what music is played on the radio?

The last qualification plays the largest role in not only whether a song will get added to the rotation of a radio station, but also how often it will be played. Simply put, if a radio station manager, music director, or approved station personality likes a song, it will probably get some radio airplay.

How much do artists get when their song is played on the radio?

Radio: A play for a three-minute song on Radio 2 generates £59.73 (collected by PRS for Music) for the songwriters, and a similar figure (collected by PPL) is split between the label and the performing artists. Live: Private gigs can range from £75,000 for an act with a few hits to £2m for superstars.

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How do music artists get paid?

The majority of an artist’s revenue comes from touring, selling merchandise, licensing their music for things like television, movies, or video games, and partnerships or side businesses. Streaming is often thought of as the future of music and can provide artists with a nice source of income.

Do artists get paid every time their song is played on Spotify?

Here’s the math: Spotify pays about $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream to the holder of music rights. And the “holder” can be split among the record label, producers, artists, and songwriters. In short, streaming is a volume game. … Most musicians won’t generate that many streams in their life time.

How do I submit a story to CBC?

We want to hear from people across the country with stories you want to make public. You can email us directly at [email protected], with your name, contact information and details of the story you would like us to look into.

How do I contact a CBC reporter?

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact Audience Relations directly at 1-866-306-4636. How do I contact the local news departments with a news tip? Call CBC News Toronto, our local newsroom at (416) 205-5808 or email our assignment desk.

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