How to make music sound like it’s coming from a radio

How do I make Audacity sound like a radio?

Creating the Effect

  1. Take a recording of your voice in Audacity. You can load any WAV output from eSpeak in as well.
  2. Select all of the sound by using the selection tool or press Ctrl-A.
  3. Select Effect -> High Pass Filter… from the menu. …
  4. Select Effect -> Amplify… from the menu. …
  5. Repeat Step 3 and 4.

How do you make a song sound like it’s in an empty mall?

To make a song sound as if it were playing in an empty mall, you cut the low frequencies, raise the mid-range frequencies, and add a delay, which imitates the way sound bounces through a big, empty space. You can also do edits like this with Audacity, free audio editing software.

Is Africa still playing in Africa?

Toto’s “Africa” has come home, so to speak, thanks to an installation by an artist who plans to play the song on loop in a Namibian desert — for eternity. German-Namibian artist Max Siedentopf has set up the sound installation, called “Toto Forever,” in an undisclosed location in the 1,200 mile-long Namib Desert.

Who was the original singer of Africa?

Africa (Toto song)”Africa”Length4:55 (album version) 4:21 (radio edit/video version)LabelColumbiaSongwriter(s)David Paich Jeff PorcaroProducer(s)Toto

How do you make your voice sound vintage?

With this in mind, here are some of our best practices for achieving a great vintage-sounding vocal.

  1. Experiment with the room. …
  2. Embrace early reflections with your microphone placement. …
  3. Use a tube microphone (or an emulation) …
  4. Add warmth to your vocals with the right pre-amplifier. …
  5. Preserve some natural quirks.

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