How to make a radio station in fallout 4

Can you play your own music in Fallout 4?

However, many people do not really like what Bethesda Softworks did with the music in Fallout 4. But don’t be despair, because the game has the ability to add your own favorite tracks and listen from directly in the game via your Pip-boy. … The complete list of radio stations in the game you can see here.

How do you power up a radio beacon in Fallout 4?

Once it is safe, you’ll need to create a radio beacon in the Workshop found in the small shack. After you create a beacon and a generator, you’ll need to attach a wire to get the beacon working. To do this, remain in Workshop mode and look for the “Attach Wire” option when highlighting the generator.

How do you activate the recruitment Radio Beacon?

Choose the Power tab and then Miscellaneous tab. You must construct a Recruitment Radio Beacon – place this object somewhere in the area (the tower must turn green). The radio beacon needs energy to function properly and this means that you must also place a generator nearby.

How do I run a wire to generator in Fallout 4?

Just build a small generator, then an item that needs power (like the settler broadcaster thingy). Walk over to the generator and you should see an option on the bottom to run a wire. Press X to start the wire at the generator, walk over to the powered item, press X, and the wire will auto-complete. Voila, power.

How do I get more settlers?

Filling up the resources at the top will help out in getting Settlers.

  1. Food – The more food you have, the more people you can get. …
  2. Recruitment Radio Beacon – This will be your bread and butter for recruitment. …
  3. Water – Making sure you have enough water is another key. …
  4. Beds – A bed per head is the motto here.

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