What is radio network controller

What is the difference between BSC and RNC?

More significant is the difference in the nature of processing. In the BSC, transcoders with signal processors account for the majority of processing re- sources, whereas in the RNC the brunt of processing entails shuffling data using general-purpose processors. Another differ- ence lies in the internal data paths.

What is IUCS?

Acronym. Definition. IUCS. Implementing Unified Communications Security (course; Cisco Systems)

What is the interface between RNC and MGW?

The RNC carries out radio resource management, some mobility management functions and encrypts data before it is sent to and from the mobile. The RNC connects to the circuit switched core network through the media gateway (MGW) and to the SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node) in the packet switched core network.

What is IUB interface?

Description. The Iub interface connects an RNC to a Node B. Like the other UTRAN interfaces, its protocol stack is divided into two layers. All the UMTS-related issues are in the radio network layer, while the transport network layer contains standard technology used for the underlying transport.

What does eNodeB stand for?

Evolved Node B

What controller group is BTS or cell towers?

The base transceiver station (BTS) is connected via landline to a radio network controller (RNC). The RNC manages several base transceiver stations. The radio network controller is connected to a Mobile Switching Center. Each Mobile Switching Center (MSC) manages the cell towers in a single coverage area.

What is Node B Telecom?

Node B is a WCDMA/UMTS term for a radio base station receiver, as defined by the 3GPP. It provides radio coverage and converts data between the radio network and the RNCs.

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What are the interface used to carry packet data and voice traffic in UMTS?

The main signaling protocol used is RANAP. The equivalent interface in GSM/GPRS is the Gb interface. Iucs connects the circuit switched domain (MSC) to the radio access network. It is used to carry voice traffic and signaling.

What is the interface between Nodeb and RNC in a Wcdma network?

The interface between the RNC and the Circuit Switched Core Network (CS-CN) is called Iu-CS and between the RNC and the Packet Switched Core Network is called Iu-PS. Other interfaces include Iub (between the RNC and the Node B) and Iur (between RNCs in the same network).

What are LTE interfaces?

Within an LTE network, LTE Interfaces connect the various components to or within the core. Interfaces allow the MME, SGW and PGW to cooperate with other network elements (e.g. HSS or PCRF). Each one of them is built in a standard way described by 3GPP.org.

What is the use of SGSN and GGSN?

SGSN and GGSN are the two core network elements of the general packet radio service which enables Internet to become mobile. It allows mobile users to access text based data services without continuously occupying a specific radio channel (which is not the case when you access voice channel).

Which interface is based on AAA protocol?

Access Network AAA (AN-AAA): Communicates with the RNC in the Access Network (AN) to enable authentication and authorization functions to be performed at the AN. The interface between AN and AN-AAA is known as the A12 interface.

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What are the types of channels used in 3g?

The 3G UMTS transport channels include:

  • Dedicated Transport Channel (DCH) (up and downlink). …
  • Broadcast Channel (BCH) (downlink). …
  • Forward Access Channel (FACH) (down link). …
  • Paging Channel (PCH) (downlink). …
  • Random Access Channel (RACH) (uplink). …
  • Uplink Common Packet Channel (CPCH) (uplink).

What is Abis interface in GSM?

Abis interface This is a BSS internal interface linking the BSC and a BTS, and it has not been totally standardised. The Abis interface allows control of the radio equipment and radio frequency allocation in the BTS. A interface The A interface is used to provide communication between the BSS and the MSC.

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