How to set time on citizen eco drive radio controlled

How do you adjust a radio controlled watch?

Press and hold button 1 down until all three hands are set in motion. Release the button and wait until the hands stop. If all hands stop exactly at the 12 o’clock position, the automatic adjustment is completed.

Why is my radio controlled clock wrong?

Check that the power supply is in full working order. Change the current battery for a fresh one and reset your clock. … Try rotating the clock. Most radio-controlled clocks have an internal antenna that picks up the signal most effectively when it is facing directly towards or away from Anthorn.

Why is my atomic clock wrong?

If your clock never synchronizes to the atomic time, there can be several reasons: Be patient. It can take up to a week to adjust to the atomic clock. The Radio Controlled Clock (RCC) is a shortwave signal originating near Fort Collins, Colorado, and travels thousands of miles by bouncing off the ionosphere.

Why is my eco drive watch not working?

Watches powered by an Eco-Drive capacitor are designed to convert both natural and artificial light into energy to power the watch. … If this doesn’t work it’s very possible the capacitor has lost its ability to hold a charge which brings us to the 2nd reason why your watch has stopped working.

How do I restart my Citizen Eco Drive watch?

If you have fully charged your watch and the second hand continues to move in two second intervals, you need to do an all reset of the watch. For simple analog models, pull the crown out to the time setting position for 30 seconds, then return the crown to the closed position next to the case, then set the time.

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How do I reset a radio controlled clock?

Simply insert the battery, press your time zone and then press the flap just above the left side of the battery. Hold until you reach the correct time and then release. Your clock is now an accurate quartz clock until it will find the signal.

How do I reset my Acctim Radio Controlled Clock?

Manual Set (Not all models)

* Push and hold the M-SET button and after a few seconds the hands on the clock will start to turn. * Keep the button pressed until the correct time is displayed then release the button. * The clock will now work as a quartz clock until it receives the signal form the transmitter.

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