Where is the radio in yandere simulator

Where is the audio visual room in Yandere simulator?

Akademi High School

Is Hanako Yamada a Yandere?

She was not present for 8 weeks because she was in a different school and could not stand not being in the same school as Senpai. Hanako is a student at Akademi High. She is two school years behind him.

Super Smash Bros Have New Characters – The Loop.Hanako YamadaClass1-2ClubNo ClubPersonaLovestruckCrushNone

Does Budo have a crush on Ayano?

For those of you who don’t know, Budo is the ONLY character in the ENTIRE game that has question marks were his crush SHOULD be! Everyone else either has the name of their crush or it simply says NONE.

Who is Yandere Chan’s mom?

Ryoba Aishi

How old is Yandere Chan?


What is Senpai’s real name?

Taro Yamada

Who is info Chan’s crush?

Her name is Osana Najimi. She has a crush on him. She believes in the myth about the cherry tree behind the school.

Is Yandere simulator a virus?

An executable can be “signed” with a digital signature that identifies the creator of the executable. … In short: Some virus scanners say that Yandere Simulator is a virus (or “suspicious”) because I haven’t started paying hundreds of dollars to sign the executable.

Who is Nemesis Chan?

Nemesis (born Hanako Yamada) is a student who is exclusive to Mission Mode and the Horror Prototype Easter Egg. She presents a “lethal obstacle” to Ayano.

Who has a crush on kokona?


Who has a crush on Budo masuta?

Super Smash Bros Have New Characters – The LoopBudo MasuyamaCrushNone (Since 2/3/19) ?????? (1/1/16 – 2/2/19) None (12/15/15 – 1/1/15)StrengthPeak Physical StrengthAppearsWeek 1 (Debug)VoicePatrick M. Seymour

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Why did YandereDev remove Oka?

It was scrapped because Oka’s model could not support two models of clothing at the same time. As of the April 10th, 2017 Build, Oka can wear this outfit by pressing the A key in the easter egg menu. YandereDev stated that she may be the shortest rival.

Does Yandere Chan have a brother?

Akio Aishi is the twin brother of Ayano Aishi. He always knew she was different but never had too much of a problem with it. At least until events start to unfold, involving his sister…

Is Senpai a Yandere?

Super Smash Bros Have New Characters – The Loop. Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai, is the love of Ayano Aishi/Yandere-kun’s life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator. He is one of the male students that attends Akademi High School.

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