Where is the lab in galaxy news radio

Where is the key for Galaxy News Radio?

Sometimes, after installing the dish, the front door to the Galaxy News Radio Station will be locked, and will need a “key.” There is no way to get the key for the door. Upon talking to the intercom, it will only repeat “Door’s open.

Who is the DJ of Galaxy News Radio?

Three Dog

How do I get to GNR radio?

The Galaxy News Radio building and GNR plaza are located in the Chevy Chase district. The first and easiest way there is to find Farragut West station and go through the utility tunnels. After a brief fight with some ghouls, the Lone Wanderer should find themselves in the Tenleytown/Friendship station tunnels.

How do I get into the Citadel Fallout 3?

It is possible to gain access to the Citadel as early as level 2 through a nearby hole north of the Citadel, atop a pile of rubble. One can then speak to Paladin Gunny and receive Power Armor Training.

Is there 3 dogs in Fallout 4?

A couple of years ago, Dellums teased Three Dog may be returning in another Fallout game. Indeed, it was one of the first teases we got about Fallout 4, and was apparently officially sanctioned by Bethesda bigwigs. Now, however, it seems the decision has been made not to include Three Dog in Fallout 4.

What’s in Hamilton’s Hideaway?

Hamilton’s Hideaway is a small cave in the side of a cliff face in the Capital Wasteland.

Notable loot

  • Guns and Bullets, on a footlocker.
  • Mini nuke, on a shelf.
  • Stealth Boy, on a shelf.
  • Notable amounts of common ammunition, and some frag grenades.
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Where do you get power armor training in Fallout 3?

In order to wear power armor in Fallout 3, you have to have the power armor training perk. At the moment, this can be gained in two ways. The first is for the player to follow the main quest. Once you get to the Citadel, you have to talk to Elder Lyons and gain his permission to receive training at the base.

How do I join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3?

Through the storyline you will come to the Brotherhood Of Steel Citadel which will have a main character called “Elder Lyons” . All you have to do is ask for power armor training permission and he will tell you where to go.

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