Where is hot 97 radio station located

How do I get my music on Hot 97?

Artists simply click submit a song, copy the Youtube link of their track, (Soundcloud, or any other audio or video platform into the messenger) pay the fee to have the track promoted to HOT 97 fans, and receive instant feedback from those fans once their track is promoted.

How Much Is Hot 97 worth?

Ebro DardenNet Worth:$800 ThousandGender:MaleProfession:Businessperson, Radio personalityNationality:United States of America

How many listeners does HOT 97 have?

According to the June Arbitron ratings, WQHT (Hot-97, 97.1 FM) had 3.314 million people tune in at some point during the average week, while WWPR (Power-105, 105.1 FM) had 3.211 million. That’s an impressive number, but here’s what makes it staggering.

Does Sirius have Hot 97?

Kast One | Hot 97 & Shade 45 SiriusXM | Hot 97 Morning Show on air host | The Heavy Hitter DJs.

What year did Hot 97 start?

March 31, 2014

Who owns hot97?

Emmis Communications, a radio and publishing company which owns WQHT (Hot 97) in New York along with a host of other stations across the country, has announced a deal with YMF Media to purchase two New York radio stations for $131 million in cash.

How do I call Hot 97?

Telephone Entry Contests: If a Contest accepts telephone entries, all calls must be made to the call-in number(s) as designated on-air. Generally, this number will be 1-800-223-9797.

How long has Funk Flex been on Hot 97?

(born August 5, 1968), professionally known as Funkmaster Flex, is an American disc jockey, rapper, record producer, actor, and host on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station. In 1992, he became host of the first hip hop radio show on Hot 97 in New York, which was a pop radio station at the time.

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Who is Ebro Darden’s wife?

Stephanie Marie

What happened to cipha sounds?

Hot 97 fires host Cipha Sounds after he criticized management on podcast. Radio station Hot 97 has fired longtime host Cipha Sounds, less than a day after he criticized management on a podcast for the way it handled his removal as interim afternoon host.

What is the most popular Sirius XM station?

Top 10 Stations On Sirius And XM

  • Howard Stern’s “Howard 100”: 1,200,000.
  • “ Hits 1” (CHR): 584,800.
  • “ Howard 101” (description here): 501,100.
  • “ New Country”: 468,300.
  • “ Big 80s”: 417,900.
  • “ Octane” (hard rock): 383,700.
  • “ Classic Vinyl” (early classic rock): 347,100.
  • “ Classic Rewind” (later classic rock): 335,500.

What are the most popular Sirius XM channels?

It includes popular stations such as: Hip Hop Nation, Pop2K, Venus, The Pulse, The Heat, The Roadhouse, Prime Country, Electric Area, BackSpin, Outlaw Country, The Blend, Classic College Radio, Sirius XM Love, Classic Rewind, The Highway, Kiss FM 102.7, The Coffee House, The Bridge, 1st Wave and Lithium.

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