What was the first no. 1 song on the radio show “american top 40”?

How long did Casey Kasem do Top 40?

Kasem co-founded the American Top 40 franchise in 1970, hosting it from its inception to 1988, and again from 1998 to 2004. Between January 1989 and early 1998, he was the host of Casey’s Top 40, Casey’s Hot 20 and Casey’s Countdown.

What radio station is American Top 40?

American Top 40American Top 40 logo 2014-2020.Other namesAT40Running time4 hrs. (including commercials) 3 hrs. + 15 min. (w/out commercials)Country of originUnited StatesHome stationKIIS-FM (Los Angeles) WHTZ (New York; de-facto)

How are top 40 songs determined?

The chart is compiled by detecting the songs played on a select panel of top 40 radio stations. The songs are then ranked according to popularity. Songs that rank below #15 on the chart and have spent more than 20 weeks on the chart overall are removed and placed on a recurrent chart.

What time does the top 40 start?

A rival chart show, The Official Big Top 40, is broadcast on Sunday afternoons from 16:00 to 19:00 on Capital and Heart stations across the United Kingdom.

When did Casey Kasem start the Top 40?

July 4, 1970

Who created Top 40 radio?

Top 40

  • In the music industry, the top 40 is the current, 40 most-popular songs in a particular genre. …
  • According to producer Richard Fatherley, Todd Storz was the inventor of the format, at his radio station KOWH in Omaha, Nebraska. …
  • The term “Top 40”, describing a radio format, appeared in 1960.

When did American Top 40 end?

Broadcasting legend made ‘American Top 40’ a household staple fo 39 years. July 5, 2009— — The news came as a shock to Casey Kasem’s fans. “We began the weekend of July 4, 1970, and after 39 years this will be our final countdown,” Kasem said matter-of-factly on his “American Top 20” radio show over the weekend.

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When did Casey Kasem go off the air?

In 1988, Kasem “left over a contract dispute and started his own Casey’s Top 40,” the OC Register says. “Shadoe Stevens replaced him on AT40 until 1995, when it was canceled and off the air until 1998 when it returned with Kasem.” Ten years ago, Kasem handed off American Top 40 to Ryan Seacrest.

How old is Casey Kasem?

82 years (1932–2014)

Who decides what music is played on the radio?

The last qualification plays the largest role in not only whether a song will get added to the rotation of a radio station, but also how often it will be played. Simply put, if a radio station manager, music director, or approved station personality likes a song, it will probably get some radio airplay.

Do Radio DJs choose music?

Despite being on the front line of the BBC’s musical output, Radio 1’s DJs do not choose the vast majority of the tracks they play. Now, a top boss at Radio 1 has explained why: because the station would lose listeners. … Producers select several playlists weekly, from which DJs choose most of their music.

What makes a song number one?

In the calculations for number one, sales only play a small role. According to Billboard, sales make up somewhere between 35-45% of the ratio that determines how well a song does on the charts. But if a single has massive sale numbers, that alone could bump it into the Top 40.

What is the most popular song right now 2020?


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Who had the first number one hit?

Al Martino – Here In My Heart (1952) – was also the first ever Number 1 single!

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