What radio station is adventures in odyssey on

Is Adventures in Odyssey still on the radio?

The Adventures In Odyssey Club is available internationally and had over 7,000 members in 2016. Main features of the club include access to almost 900 Episodes from the Radio Series, as well as all 17 videos, every Official Podcast, and exclusive monthly episodes available only to club members.

What age group is Adventures in Odyssey for?

Product DetailsISBN-13:9781589977198Series:Adventures in Odyssey Books SeriesPages:680Product dimensions:7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.50(d)Age Range:8 – 12 YearsЕщё 2 строки

Where is Adventures in Odyssey located?

The premise of AIO revolves around the inhabitants of the fictional town of Odyssey, – the All American town (there is a mountain range nearby, but it is also within a puddle jumper flight from Chicago – “somewhere in the midwest”[see The Official Guide to Adventures in Odyssey]).

What happened to Mr Whittaker?

His final appearance was in Album 56 in 2012, with the announcement that he and Joanne would be traveling to Scotland in their retirement, and handing over management of the antiques shop to Jason Whittaker. Young died in 2016.

Can you listen to Adventures in Odyssey on Alexa?

Description. With the (Unofficial) Adventures in Odyssey skill, you can ask ask Alexa to play your favorite episodes, find out what’s on the radio, learn more about airing episodes, and play all the episodes available for free forever from Focus on the Family.

Why did Will Ryan leave Adventures in Odyssey?

The episode detailing Eugene and Katrina’s final departure from Odyssey would have (appropriately) been called “The End of an Era”, and was produced in case Will Ryan did have to leave the show. … This was scrapped because it would have been too violent for an episode that was already Darker and Edgier than usual.

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What is the first Adventures in Odyssey episode?

Series OverviewSeasonEpisodesFirst AiredPilot (Family Portraits)13January 5, 198716November 21, 1987249January 2, 1988344January 7, 1989Ещё 30 строк

What is the Adventures in Odyssey Club?

The Adventures in Odyssey Club app is a Focus on the Family product that grants you access to ALL of the Adventures in Odyssey episodes plus exclusive content. Adventures in Odyssey Club is a great way to invest in your child’s spiritual growth, and have fun while doing it. …

Is Adventures in Odyssey on Netflix?

Rent Adventures in Odyssey: Escape from the Forbidden Matrix (2000) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

How old is Mr Whittaker?

His actual age is never mentioned in the audio series, but we can assume he was in his late teens or early twenties when serving in the Pacific in WWII. This would put him to be about 65 at the start of the radio series and about 94 as of 2018 but there is no hard confirmation of that.

Who does Connie Kendall marry?

Connie and Jeff did get married and went to Costa Rica for their honeymoon. The years seemed to speed by for Whit after that, and all of the sudden he found himself babysitting Connie’s two children, John and Joel, while she was at the hospital after just having given birth to her third, who she named Amy.

Who plays Connie Kendall in Adventures in Odyssey?

Katherine Leigh

Who plays Emily Jones in Adventures in Odyssey?

Cristina Pucelli

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