What channel is christian music on xm radio

What channel is Christian music on?

If you listen to Sirius XM Radio, be sure to check out The Message on channel 63. The station plays mainstream contemporary Christian music and also has interviews and talks with pastors and musicians. The three biggest programs they offer are The Message: AMPED!, Sunday Praise and Changing Tracks.

What channel is Mexican music on XM radio?

ChannelChannel NameDescription455C-SPAN RadioC-SPAN Live Simulcast470EL PAISAYour Latino Variety Channel761ÁguilaRegional Mexican Music762CariciaBallads in Spanish & English

What channel is the Catholic channel on XM radio?

Channel 129

What channel is Disney music on Sirius radio?

channel 115

What is the most popular Sirius XM station?

Top 10 Stations On Sirius And XM

  • Howard Stern’s “Howard 100”: 1,200,000.
  • “ Hits 1” (CHR): 584,800.
  • “ Howard 101” (description here): 501,100.
  • “ New Country”: 468,300.
  • “ Big 80s”: 417,900.
  • “ Octane” (hard rock): 383,700.
  • “ Classic Vinyl” (early classic rock): 347,100.
  • “ Classic Rewind” (later classic rock): 335,500.

What are the most popular Sirius XM channels?

It includes popular stations such as: Hip Hop Nation, Pop2K, Venus, The Pulse, The Heat, The Roadhouse, Prime Country, Electric Area, BackSpin, Outlaw Country, The Blend, Classic College Radio, Sirius XM Love, Classic Rewind, The Highway, Kiss FM 102.7, The Coffee House, The Bridge, 1st Wave and Lithium.

What station is beach music on XM Radio 2019?

Carolina Shag

What Sirius channel is 70?

Sirius XM Love

How many channels are on SiriusXM?


What is the Catholic channel called?


What channel is Catholic Mass on TV Philippines?

Catch the Eucharistic Celebration on CNN Philippines every Sunday at 9am via Free TV channel 9, Cignal channel 10, or Sky Cable channel 14. Live stream also available HERE. – Since you know the time of the Mass, prepare yourselves well for it.

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What Siriusxm channel is the Notre Dame game on?

SIRIUS channel 159

What is the Disney radio station number?

StationsCallsignFrequencyCommentsKDIS710Swapped with then ESPN Radio 1110 in 2003.KDIS-FM99.5Sold in 2013; format changed to religious programming in 2014.KEBC1560Dropped Radio Disney for a comedy format in March 2013.KDYS1520Originally a Radio Aahs affiliate; dropped Radio Disney upon station sale in 2004.

What happened to channel 12 on XM Radio?

However, Z100 will be available on channel 769 from now on instead of channel 12 like it used to. Someone asked on Twitter: “Z100 Channel 12 says that the Channel is unavailable. Was it taken off the air??” to which SiriusXM responded: “The channel has moved to streaming.

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