Submit radio station to iheartradio

How do you submit music to iHeartRadio?

Both artists and labels can submit music to iHeartRadio through aggregators that have distribution agreements in place with us. These companies work directly with independent artists to deliver music to iHeartRadio: CD Baby (

How do I email iHeartRadio?

  1. Contact iHeartRadio: Find below customer service details of iHeartRadio, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. …
  2. Head Office. iHeartMedia, Inc. …
  3. Customer Service. Email: [email protected]
  4. About iHeartRadio.

Is iHeartRadio a radio station?

(Chairman/CEO, iHeartMedia, Inc.) iHeartRadio is an American free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. It was founded in April 2008. As of 2019, iHeartRadio functions as the national umbrella brand for iHeartMedia’s radio network, the largest radio broadcaster in the United States.

Can you listen to live radio on iHeartRadio?

iHeartRadio offers a variety of content including, playlists, podcasts, live radio stations and stations based around your favorite artists.

How do I make a station on iHeartRadio?

How do I make a playlist on iHeartRadio?

  1. Tap on the song you’d like to have added.
  2. Select Add to Playlist.
  3. You will then have the option to Create a New Playlist or add the song to an existing playlist.

How does iHeartRadio app work?

iHeartRadio is free to download. Aside from your mobile carrier or WiFi provider’s standard data rates, there are no additional charges to listen to your favorite Live Stations or all-music Artist Radio Stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music.

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What is the number for iHeartRadio?


How many iHeartRadio stations are there?

850 broadcast

What company owns iHeartRadio?


What radio stations does iHeartRadio own?

The company owns more than half a dozen Los Angeles radio stations, according to its website. They include top-40 powerhouse KIIS-FM (102.7), soft rock outlet KOST-FM (103.5) and talk radio stalwart KFI-AM (640).

Is iHeartRadio free?

The iHeartRadio app for Android Phone and Tablet is easy to use and best of all, it’s FREE. Download the iHeartRadio Android app today and start listening to your favorite live radio stations, podcasts and music playlists!

Is Triple M on iHeartRadio?

Listen Free to Triple M – Work Radio | iHeartRadio.

Can you listen to iHeartRadio without WIFI?

Please Note: The Offline feature is only available in the iOS and Android versions of the iHeartRadio app. With iHeartRadio All Access you can take your playlists from online to offline with a quick toggle. While connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi, select the playlist you wish to make available offline.

Does Comcast have radio stations?

iHeartRadio is now available on your Xfinity X1 TV Box! The iHeartRadio app on X1 allows you to listen to music from your favorite artist radio or from more than 800 live radio stations over a range of genres, including Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, R&B, Alternative, Rock and more.

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