Fallout 4 how to power up radio transmitter

How much power is needed at the Castle Fallout 4?

13 power

How do I activate the radio beacon in Fallout 4?

Choose the Power tab and then Miscellaneous tab. You must construct a Recruitment Radio Beacon – place this object somewhere in the area (the tower must turn green). The radio beacon needs energy to function properly and this means that you must also place a generator nearby.

How do you complete old guns?

Go into workshop mode and create an artillery turret, an option located under the Special category. Then highlight any unnamed Minutemen soldier, and assign the turret to that character. Follow the latest waypoint indicator and toss a smoke grenade in that direction. Ronnie would also like a field test of the turret.

How do I gain access to the armory in Fallout 4?

All you need to do is bring up the Workshop interface, and scrap the rubble into concrete. Doing this will clear the path to a tunnel leading down to the armory. To remove this rubble, open the Workshop menu and scrap the rubble for concrete.

Do I need a recruitment beacon at the castle?

1 Answer. No, it doesn’t work as a recruitment beacon. The castle radio will unlock… To recruit additional settlers you’ll have to construct the Recruitment Beacon just as you would for any other settlement, at which point you’ll pick up the Settlement Recruitment Beacon station.

Can you use two generators together Fallout 4?

You should be able to connect both. Do you have enough copper as it is needed to make the wires by the way. If you do not have enough you wont be able to connect the generator.

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How do I get more settlers?

Filling up the resources at the top will help out in getting Settlers.

  1. Food – The more food you have, the more people you can get. …
  2. Recruitment Radio Beacon – This will be your bread and butter for recruitment. …
  3. Water – Making sure you have enough water is another key. …
  4. Beds – A bed per head is the motto here.

Where is the settlement recruitment beacon?

The beacon is found in the workbench menu under Power > Miscellaneous. The songs that play after the pre-recorded messages are the same as the Enclave Radio songs from Fallout 3. Each beacon will gradually increase the number of settlers until the maximum is reached (10 plus Charisma stat).

Can you hack Sarge Fallout 4?

It’s possible for Sarge to follow the Sole Survivor out into the castle courtyard before you meet Ronnie Shaw. … Sarge will attack the Sole Survivor and companions, but you can hack him.

How do you build and assign artillery at the castle?

Building the artillery and preparing it to work

Go back to the main court and open the workshop window after listening to the conversation with Ronnie. Open the Special projects tab and select the Artillery Piece. Put it in any place on the courtyard you want.

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