What radio station is the bull

What is the bull station?

100.3 FM The Bull – Houston Country Music – KILT-FM. Radio.com.

What happened to 94.9 The Bull?

Country station 94.9/The Bull has dropped Jason Pullman as morning host after 10 years. Pullman confirmed that he was let go Wednesday after he finished his morning show without any prior warning but declined to comment any further.

What radio station is the outlaw?

The Outlaw 100.7FM – Legends and Young Guns.

Where did Jason Pullman go?

Former Bull host Jason Pullman ousted from US99 in Chicago after just 10 months.

Is Jason Pullman married?

94.9/The Bull morning host Jason Pullman is a bachelor no more. He is getting married today to Taylor Grace Adkins. Pullman, who has been part of the Bull’s Caffeinated Radio morning show with Kristen Gates since 2009, read a proposal to her. …

What radio stations play old country music?

The best Country music radio stations

  • WIVK FM 107.7.
  • HANK FM.
  • 100.7 THE WOLF.
  • LONESTAR 92.9.
  • 92.9 THE BULL.
  • US 99.5.
  • KXKS-FM Kiss Country 93.7.

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