What chicago radio station plays christmas music

What radio station plays Christmas music in Illinois?

93.9 LITE FM

What radio station in Washington DC plays Christmas music?


What Twin Cities radio station is playing Christmas music?

Kool 108

What day does Christmas music start on the radio?

In the USA it’s generally accepted that the real Christmas countdown begins the day after Thanksgiving and radio stations will begin to playlist Xmas tunes to get listeners into the festive spirit. Some start as early as the day after Halloween!

Does Kool 108 play Christmas music?

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. At least it will soon on the FM dial when KOOL 108 (KQQL 107.9 FM), LOVE 105 (WGVX 105.1 FM) and KTIS (98.5 FM) make the switch to an all-Christmas format.

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