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How do I submit my music to radio?

Know how to submit your music

Sending an electronic press kit, press release or one-sheet including links to 1-3 of your best tracks is the most common way to approach radio stations, as well as press publications and blogs. The key is to make your email or press pack stand out and grab their attention.2 мая 2017 г.

How do I get my music on XM radio?

How to Get Your Music Played on SiriusXM Radio (and Local Radio, Too)

  1. Do Your Homework. Before wasting your time cold calling and emailing a million stations that will never work out, spend some time figuring out which stations actually play your type of music. …
  2. Find Your Person. …
  3. Ask Your Fans for Help. …
  4. Don’t Give Up.

Can you skip songs on XM Radio?

The following rules apply when navigating through Sirius XM content: You can skip up to 6 times per hour on music and comedy channels. One of these skips can be a skip backward. Many of the talk channels we broadcast allow unlimited skipping.

What channel is Mexican music on XM radio?

ChannelChannel NameDescription455C-SPAN RadioC-SPAN Live Simulcast470EL PAISAYour Latino Variety Channel761ÁguilaRegional Mexican Music762CariciaBallads in Spanish & English

How do you submit music to Ukhozi FM?


  1. USING YOUR BROWSER (computer) …
  2. USING YOUR Mobile. …
  3. VIA ITUNES. …
  5. 30min Mix Submissions: …
  6. Submit your track digitally to: [email protected] and [email protected] – preferably an MP3 not bigger than 5MB. …
  7. Make a 30min Mix.
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Where can I submit my music?

Music Blogs That Want YOUR Music!

  • A&R Factory. A&R Factory is a popular music blog with a wide-ranging readership, including record label owners, publishers, radio stations, PR executives, managers and sync licensing firms from all over the globe.
  • IndiePulse Music Magazine. …
  • HighClouds. …
  • Xune Mag. …
  • Indie Shuffle. …
  • Cut The Pause. …
  • Aquarium Drunkard. …

Can you negotiate SiriusXM price?

You can negotiate the price of your satellite radio service. You are not the only person that isn’t willing to spend $15 a month on the service. And guess what, SiriusXM would rather have you pay something per month than nothing.

How much is Sirius XM per month?

Sirius Standard Pricing: $5 / Month

SiriusXM has a few plans but the basic one for your car is $5 per month for 12 months (new subscriptions only). The three tiers are: SiriusXM Select: $5 / month for 12 months for 140+ channels, then goes to $15.99 / month.

Can I have Sirius XM in 2 cars?

Once you switch from a trial into a paying subscription, you can combine multiple radios into one account and you may be eligible for a discount on the additional radios.

Why does my Sirius radio not have all channels?

Some older Sirius radios cannot receive all channels. They are, therefore, unable to receive the All Access package. To find out if your radio can receive the All Access package, try tuning to one of the channels below: Channel 141 HUR Voices.

Why is my SiriusXM cutting out?

There may be a break, weak point, or loose connection in the wiring between the SiriusXM antenna and the tuner. Or there could be the same issues in the wiring between the tuner and your stereo. This can affect the sound quality and it may cause the radio to cut out often.

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What is the Spanish channel on the radio?

Spanish Hits Radio Stations:1.KVVF105.7 FM2.WOEX96.5 FM3.KBTQ96.1 FM

What are the rap stations on XM radio?

SiriusXM Satellite Line UpChannel NameGenreDescriptionHip-Hop NationHip-Hop/R&BHip-Hop Hits-XLShade 45Hip-Hop/R&BEminem’s Hip-Hop Channel XLThe HeatHip-Hop/R&BToday’s R&B HitsSiriusXM FLYHip-Hop/R&B’90s & 2000s Hip-Hop/R&B – XL

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