How old is delilah from the radio

How old is Delilah from the radio station?

Today, at age 55, she’s been on the air for more than 30 years. She sometimes talks to 70 callers a night. Nearly 50,000 people call into the Delilah show each night it’s on the air, but only 50-70 actually reach “radio’s Oprah,” who, by the way, screens her own calls. She has 13 kids and one grandchild.

How long has Delilah been on the radio?

“Delilah,” initially syndicated as “Delilah After Dark,” is a call-in and request show where listeners can dedicate songs to their loved ones. It has been broadcast since 1996. Rene, who has worked in radio for more than 30 years, was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2016.

What radio station is Delilah on now?

Lite 99.9 FM

How much money is Delilah worth?

Delilah’s Salary

Delilah net worth: Delilah is an American radio personality, author, and songwriter who has a net worth of $4 million. Delilah is best known for her nationally syndicated radio show which has about eight million listeners.

How many children did Delilah adopt?


How can I listen to Delilah radio?

The best way to listen to Delilah if her show is no longer carried by your local radio station is either online or via the free radioPup mobile streaming app.

Is Delilah back on the radio?

Radio host Delilah was back on the air Monday, months after taking a break following the death of her son, Zack, last fall. “Losing Zack in October has just taken us all out at the knees.

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How did Delilah die?

Unfortunately, Joe had hidden a nanny cam in his apartment, and saw that Delilah had let herself in and stolen the keys to his storage unit. He knocks her out and locks her in the cage.

Is Delilah married now?

Paul Warnerm. 2012Douglas Ortegam. 1996–2001

How can I write to Delilah?

I’ve got a handy form to make it easy for you. Fill out and send away! Mail will always reach me at [email protected]

Is Delilah dead?


Is a Delilah a flower?

About Dahlias

Dahlia is a genus of tuberous plants that are members of the Asteraceae family; related species include the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum, and zinnia. … Gardeners in zones 2 to 7 can simply plant dahlia tubers in the spring and either treat them as annuals or dig them up and store for winter.

Who was Delilah’s first husband?

On October 3, 2017 she lost her son Zachariah to suicide. 16 days after her son Isaiah was born, she went on the air with “Delilah After Dark”. Her first husband George Harrys cheated on her with a woman named Enid when their son Isaiah was 10-month-old and they eventually divorced.

Who was Delilah’s husband in the Bible?

Delilah was a woman of Sorek. She is the only woman in Samson’s story who is named. The Bible says that Samson loved her (Judges 16:4) but not that she loved him. The two were not married and the idea that they had a sexual relationship is, in the words of Josey Bridges Snyder, “at most implicit in the biblical text”.

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